Wednesday motivation

I slept in both Monday and Tuesday so here is my Wednesday motivation for the week! "There is no passion to be found in playing small—in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living" Nelson Mandela


Monday Motivation

If anyone needs Monday motivation its me for tomorrow. I have been off work for 31.5 days and the thought of getting up tomorrow morning, slightly jet-lagged with the flu is actually causing my knee to hurt so, to get me through and whomever else may be facing the same fate, here is my quote … Continue reading Monday Motivation

These views are my own #fired

We all do it don't we? We Twitter users believe that by adding those 5 words to our bio's will stop us from being sacked for saying rude and inappropriate things even on our own personal Twitter account.  I do it.  It's not that I plan on being rude and inappropriate but I want to … Continue reading These views are my own #fired

Events Managers and the Bribery Act

Three years ago, there were seldom other words at work that annoyed me more than “The Bribery Act”. The Bribery Act 2010 (The Act) first came into force back on 1 July 2011 and for a while evoked mild panic when trying to determine what you could not only offer to clients but to also accept yourself. … Continue reading Events Managers and the Bribery Act

Liebster Award

Although I profess I do love a Monday.. THIS Monday was made all the more special after doing the obligatory Twitter check first thing, only to find out the fabulous Events Northern Limited  had put me forward for the Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is a blogging award that is based on pure nomination by other Bloggers, so, … Continue reading Liebster Award

Events and illness

Being sick this week with the dreaded "seasonal flu" has taught me a few things... Anyone whom is an event manager knows that our jobs are different to most.  You can't just call in sick and then switch off your phone and go into hibernation.  You need to download all of your meticulously planned events … Continue reading Events and illness