Look how far we’ve come…

I have just found this slideshow presentation from back in 2009.

It’s very well written and a lot of the concepts are still very relevant. It just serves to show just how far we have come in events and social media! It also shows that compared to 2009, just how many new mediums we now have available at our disposal to create even more amazing, interactive events that we can promote long after the last guest has left!


Whats App(ening) in your events

A month or so ago, I suggested using WhatsApp to talk to each other during an event and it worked so well, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before.

WhatsApp has featured in the media a lot recently, for the reported 19 Billion buyout by Facebook.

To those of you living under a rock, WhatsApp is basically a cross-platform messaging system that allows you to share messages, video content and pictures without having to pay a charge for an SMS. In short, genius, and when running an event and you need to be in touch with your team (wifi pending) it’s the BEST way to stay in touch!

Its simple to setup a group. Go to your home screen, go to new group, upload a picture, give the group a subject and then add your contacts. My friends and I have set up a group for our up-coming trip to Vegas. It’s great to share information, diet tips and motivate each other during the course of the day if we are about to hit the Mars Bars!

Why not give it a go for your next event! walkie talkies are so 80’s!

Staggering home from events!

Whilst it’s now becoming commonplace for businesses to offer their employees flexible working arrangements. I wonder how the events industry is following suit?

Flexible working can include anything from job sharing, staggered hours (perhaps to avoid peak travelling time), working from home and flexitime!

We event managers know that on event days and, in the lead up to event day, you can be working from 6.00 am through to midnight and there is no way you could work from home but, what about non-event days?

I am very interested to find out which event managers out there do have flexible working agreements in place and whether it is openly encouraged!

I would be ever so grateful if you would help me by filling in the survey below!

The Queens Head – Weybridge (for quarelling couples)!

Bradley and I have been home all weekend (gym aside) and we pretty much want to kill ourselves! It was because of the cabin fever we decided to go for a walk around our lovely Weybridge and head down to The Queens Head.

Situated quite close to Weybridge station, on Bridge Road, The Queens Head was built around 1700 and has apparently been both a coach house and court-house (with gallows and everything!) and legend on the website says it is also apparently haunted by a quarrelling couple!

We managed to get a last-minute reservation, via bookatable for 3.30 pm and made the walk down.

On arrival, the place was very busy and were offered either a table in the bar or, in the restaurant.  The bar table had a love seat so there we sat. Now usually, our Sunday lunches end up lasting for 3 hours and this was no different. We had wedding planning to do and it took us nearly one hour to order our starters. We went for the Ploughman’s Sharing Board (£10.80) that had, what I can honestly say,  a piece of the best cheese ever (Exmoor blue cheese), a piece of Glastonbury Green Cheddar, Kettle Ham and a Pork Pie. Now whilst I am not partial to a Pork Pie, Bradley assured me it was super tasty. The board wasn’t huge, and only had one piece of ham but it sure was a treat!

queens head 3#

After another hour or so, our very patient waitress took our order for mains. By this time I had drunk a very tasty bottle of red wine (Château Maris Organic Syrah)(£22.00) which I thought being organic may stop the hangover…so far so good? Bradley, as always, ordered the Fillet Steak, with Harissa butter (£23.90) and I had the Bœuf Bourguignon (£16.80). The food was really amazing, great sizes and a decent price.  As standard, sides are extra and all we had were French Beans (£3.90).

The Queens Head The Queens Head 3

Our meal including service, a few beers and my whole bottle of wine was £87.60 (plus tip). Not cheap but definitely well worth it.  We will definitely go back, it’s so close to home. The staff were all lovely and welcoming and the whole atmosphere of the pub is nice.


Are you missing a trick?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the need for social media to be 24 hours. I have had some great comments on it and I think people are starting to wake up to the necessity of it. For those businesses whom do have someone monitoring activity on their social media feeds though, some of you are still missing a trick.

I am an event manager, every time I go to a new restaurant, hotel, or pretty much anywhere I will see if that company has any social media presence and if they do, I will send a “looking forward to dinner at x” or similar.

Now me, if I was managing that businesses Twitter account, I would give the restaurant manager a heads up. My picture is on my Twitter, I have told you I am coming in.. what could be easier? You could hazard a guess that I am going to Tweet after I have eaten there, hopefully give your businesses a glaring FREE plug.. so why aren’t businesses using it this way? Why aren’t they monitoring the people using social media coming into their businesses?

Now, in no way I am saying I deserve extra special treatment because of what I do but what I do think is that people like me are marketing your business for free! It is not costing you anything for me to tell my 2000+ followers what an amazing time I have had in your restaurant, and all I need in return is an extra smile!

Ode to Monday

Unlike most, I love Mondays!

Now before you judge, let me tell you why!

Like New Year’s Day, a Monday for me brings with it the promise of anything is possible!

Mondays mean a fresh to do list, a burst of energy and if you detest of your current job, the kick in the ass to do something about.

So to get you through this Monday, picture how you want your future Mondays to be and do something today to make it happen!

Events & Social Media

As an Event Manager, I cannot tell you how important social media is in the event world! From concept to implementation, social media is not only imperative in the initial promotion of the event, it is an important element in the whole event process. Successful use of social media can mean people are still talking about the event long after it has finished. Many people think simply advertising their event on Facebook or tweeting a few links back to their website will suffice, and it may well do for now however, your competitors will always be thinking ahead of you and if you don’t keep up, you’re going to lose out.

Take a simple community run car boot sale. Let’s call it “Egham Car Boot Sale” I would start with a simple Facebook page. It’s easy to do and will take no more than 10 minutes to setup. I would then send the link to this page to my Facebook network to encourage them to like and share. I would make sure I included pictures, and encourage people whom are coming along to do the same.

Next, I would setup a Twitter account, using hash tags such as #Eghamcarboot, #carboot or #egham. That way anyone searching for any of those hash tags would see my car boot sale.

I would also use pictures of the venue or post pictures of a past event as again, people are attracted to visuals on Twitter. Visuals on the timeline of Twitter has only just launched and it’s
proving very useful in engaging your Twitter followers.

I would then use the same hash tags and take pictures of the car boot sale on Instagram, so again people looking for anything to do with #egham #carboot or #eghamcarboot sale would see not only my pictures of the event, but links to my Facebook page, my Twitter account and in return may be tempted to come along to my next event.

Post event you could use all 3 mediums of social media to talk about the event, encourage attendees to post pictures and start the promotion of your next event! There are a multitude of other social media types you could also incorporate (Pinterest for example) however to start of, these are the 3 I would go for!

For a more in-depth look at the way social media can help boost your event traffic and attendance,this infographic from Eventility shows 4 easy ways to use social media to boost your event!

Sherpa Kitchen, Esher

Situated on the Esher Hight Street, Sherpa Kitchen is a Napalese restaurant that prides itself on “a gastronomical experience which is prepared with great care and attention and has no room for short cut methods” and their ethos is true! its truley a wonderful, well-priced and delicious menu and I can’t wait to go back.

We had a rather early (pre-cinema) booking on Saturday and at first had the place to ourselves! This soon changed with an abudance of couples, families and groups celebrating!

I chose the Piro Lamb which was a spiced boneless lamb with giner, garlic, coriander and green chillis and it was delicious. All of the items on the menu are well priced with appetisers around £4.00 and mains at £8.00. A meal for 2 with beers and my jumbo large wine (that was more like half a bottle) came in at only £50.00.

I would definately go back and even plan on ordering a takeaway tonight (10% off for takeaway).

Have a look at their menu here.

Kona Kai Cocktail Bar

Kona Kai on the Chelsea/Fulham border is a stones through away from Fukham Broadway station and has become a firm favourite to my bunch of mates. We headed there, straight from work, last Friday for a mates birthday party and were fortunate enough to secure an area AND get there in time for happy hour!!

With £10 bottles of wine (I believe we got through 6 between 3 of us), 2 cocktails for £9.00 and quite frankly the tastiest chicken wings I’ve had in a while, Kona Kai will continue to be a favourite! I suggest booking in advance to nab yourself an area!! Image