The Power of Social Media for #eventprofs

Last week I had the somewhat unusual brief of finding a list of all the plays/musicals/theatre currently showing in London with a legal tie in. Now that Legally Blonde has finished I was slightly stumped. Around 9.00 am I threw out the below tweet to my network and within two hours, I had loads of … Continue reading The Power of Social Media for #eventprofs


Periscope for #eventprofs

I certainly wasn't the first Event Manager to see the merits of using Periscope to showcase Events and I don't think that I'll be the last BUT at the moment, there really aren't many of us doing it and I don't understand why! Periscope is taking social media by storm, it is Twitters' latest venture … Continue reading Periscope for #eventprofs

These views are my own #fired

We all do it don't we? We Twitter users believe that by adding those 5 words to our bio's will stop us from being sacked for saying rude and inappropriate things even on our own personal Twitter account.  I do it.  It's not that I plan on being rude and inappropriate but I want to … Continue reading These views are my own #fired

Twitter chats for #eventprofs

When I first started using Twitter to engage in dialogue with other event professionals I was hooked! It was great to be able to talk to others, in real-time, exchange information, ask industry related questions and generally just sounding off ideas about the event world. I do however feel though that the nature of the … Continue reading Twitter chats for #eventprofs

Social Media at Events – #hashtag

I wrote about measuring return via analytics on social media earlier this week.  You can read my blog here.  As I am slightly obsessed with social media and the role it plays in events,  last night I read this great article from Bizbash.  The post talks about the new strategies, tips and tricks currently in the … Continue reading Social Media at Events – #hashtag

Event Analytics via Social Media

If you are currently using social media with your events, how do you prove its worth when your event ends? Using platforms like Google Analytics helps you understand which parts of your social media strategies are performing best, working across all of your platforms to deliver the insights you need. I think in terms of … Continue reading Event Analytics via Social Media

Look how far we’ve come…

I have just found this slideshow presentation from back in 2009. It's very well written and a lot of the concepts are still very relevant. It just serves to show just how far we have come in events and social media! It also shows that compared to 2009, just how many new mediums we now … Continue reading Look how far we’ve come…