Screenshot notifications for Instagram Stories

Oh no… I take screenshots daily on Instagram stories.  I take them of workouts I like, I take them of food that looks amazing and, I take them copious amounts of times a day from the #eventstyling feed for inspiration and Instagram is currently testing a feature that will allow you to see whom has screenshot your story!

Thankfully this is only in test mode and I really hope Instagram doesn’t roll this out as a permant feature… If they do, the notification will only show up in your viewer feed but I still think it will put people off snapping away! What do you think #eventprofs? You can read more about it in todays TechCrunch here.


My Interview with Eventopedia

Last week I was interviewed by Eventopedia. You can read the interview here.  Eventopedia helps Event Managers plan their events with ease. It’s an independent resource and I find it ever so useful in my role.

It is so great to be featured as a influential Event Manager each week on their weekly leaderboard and to be able to talk about Eventprofslive – Kate and I are so proud of the way our group is growing!


Change up your social media

If social media is deemed to be the necessary channel for your online marketing when promoting events, then why do so many people waste the opportunity when it comes to promoting their events.  I think (on average) I check Twitter about 5 or 6 times a day at varying intervals. What always gets me, is that all this great content is being shared however it is essentially the same message, shared the same way, spaced out over the course of the day.  We are event managers, we are creative… why are we sending out the same content multiple times?

If for example you are promoting a seminar there are a multitude of ways you could promote it without saying the same thing each time. Lets take Twitter for example, you have 140 characters so make them count.  For a typical seminar I would set up a content calender to share Tweets evenly throughout the course of the week (depending on the stage of promotion of the event i.e. save the date, invitation, advising of speakers etc).  If it is the initial stages and all you have is the date in the diary, no speakers, but are aware of rough content, you could come up with so many different ways to promote the seminar that doesn’t have to say the same thing.  The only thing you should be sharing in the same tweet is your event hashtag.

“competition law in China is changing.. want to know more? register here #complawchina

“register now for a place on our seminar on Chinese competition law” #complawchina

“save the date #complawchina”

“with speakers about to be announced, don’t miss out #complawchina”

You get my drift. Please, we are one of the most creative industries, don’t just post the same tweet every 4 hours or so.  Get creative!




The Power of Social Media for #eventprofs

Last week I had the somewhat unusual brief of finding a list of all the plays/musicals/theatre currently showing in London with a legal tie in. Now that Legally Blonde has finished I was slightly stumped.

Around 9.00 am I threw out the below tweet to my network and within two hours, I had loads of ideas and submitted my list (thanks Lyndsey)!

Without Twitter, it would have taken hours to go through all the play and musical synopsis and I didn’t really have the time.

Twitter conversation 1 Twitter conversation 2 twitter conversation 3

Just another reason why I sure do love “The Twitter” (a colleague used to call it that)!

Periscope for #eventprofs

I certainly wasn’t the first Event Manager to see the merits of using Periscope to showcase Events and I don’t think that I’ll be the last BUT at the moment, there really aren’t many of us doing it and I don’t understand why!

Periscope is taking social media by storm, it is Twitters’ latest venture and put simply, it is a video streaming platform.  It lets people “follow” you, recieve a notification when you are broadcasting and lets them watch a live stream of what you are doing wherever you are across the globe.  In the event world you could be watching a live stream of the Mardi Gras in Sydney and the next day joining a broadcast of an awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Kate and I of #eventprofslive use Periscope for our venue show rounds and networking events and have had a great response so far. I don’t think people would forgo attending an event to sit at home and watch it via Periscope but it is great for those people wanting to come along but are unable.

Your broadcast videos sit on users home pages for 24 hours after the event.  I follow a lot of motivational speakers and tend to watch their broadcasts on the train to work. I can’t see the limitations at the moment.  I think its great and will be broadcasting tomorrow evening from our event at The Dorchester.  You can follow me here and check it out for yourself.

The Power of Twitter #eventprofs

Last night I met up with 7 lovely people who I have met mostly through social media and had the best time.  We met up in the fab Rumpus Room at the Mondrian Hotel.  The bar is amazing and you can read about it here.

Three of us had originally arranged for a catch up to talk about events, social media and everything in between. At about 9.00 am, a tweet like below was sent which resulted in 3 others asking to come along and then another and then another and so it continued!


From that one tweet, I was fortunate enough to make 3 new contacts, share a few event related tips and tricks and managed to book the private dining room at the Mondrian for an event in the process.

Social media is so powerful and I can’t wait to see how our group grows.  If your reading this and want to be involved either as an #eventprof or as a venue wanting to host us email me here!



I have written about this before and am starting to wonder if I am actually in the wrong…

If you are hosting a Twitter chat and want people to use your hashtag everytime they engage (the whole purpose really) then why make your hashtag so long if you only get 140 characters?

I have seen some hashtags that are like 20 characters long and whilst I appreciate you need to use your hashtag to identify the topic, should you not be abbreviating just a little and keeping only one of two key words to identify? 

Can anyone tell me why people do it? Am I missing something key?



Content for Event Managers with LinkedIn

What is content marketing? It is the creation of content (i.e. via a blog), then pushing that content out through various social media channels in order to convert those that view that content into customers. In a more formal defination via the Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Initially the purpose of content I believe, is to inspire your audience to share your work and keep them engaged.  It is to provide quality content first, before your competitors and it is to provide content that your audience wants.  You need to show the world what your about and uploading any old *&^% will not hold you in high regard.

In terms of event management, the content available to share is probably the most varied and highly visual across all industries and to start, there is mounting evidence to show that rather than a traditional blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger, LinkedIn can lead to great engagement and leads.

Like other platforms, once you have published your content you can Tweet links to it, share images from it on Facebook or Instagram all the while bringing people back to your post and more importantly to either your own personal profile or the profile of your company.  I guess it depends on what you want really but I for certain am going to start giving it more of a go.  I published an article there (you can read it here) last week and received 2 endorsements, an invitation to hold a discussion forum and four new connection requests!

If you haven’t yet thought about pushing your content out via the LinkedIn Publisher, why not give it a go today.  You can read all about it here.

Instagram for #eventprofs

I use Instagram religiously in both my personal and professional spheres and think that for a small business in any industry that offers a visual element then Instagram is a must.instagram

As an event manager I use Instagram to capture images of my events live, using those images and pushing them out to the various social media mediums Instagram offers. I also use it as a kind of image database that I can refer back to if I am looking for inspiration or to look back through if I need to remember how I themed a particular event.

Using Instagram offers the ultimate in user engagement, real-time.  By adding  a unique hashtag to your shared image, you can create real-time conversations. By doing a bit of research before your event, you can see what the current trends are in hashtags and find one that suits your event, by doing so, attracting even more viewers to your account whom are simply following that hashtag.

Here is a really informative blog on the Eventbrite site with some great tips on using Instagram for your events!


photo camera icon


You get 140 characters on Twitter. It’s not a lot so why oh why would you use half of them for your #hashtag. Twitter is primarily for engagement right? You want your clients & customers to engage but if your promoting a specific hashtag that people will use in every engagement why would you make it so it uses up most of the 140 characters?!

Keep them short or abbreviate your key message I say! Hashtags written on multiple blue road sign