The Red Lion – Shepperton

My husband grew up drinking at The Red Lion in Shepperton, and earlier this year it was bought, and subsequently revamped by the owners of the very popular Fish Club restaurants in London.   Two of the trio responsible also grew up in the area, noticed the lease for sale and recognising the opportunity, … Continue reading The Red Lion – Shepperton


Cappadocia Restaurant – Walton-on-Thames

I have tried unsuccessfully, no less than 3 times to secure a reservation at Walton-on-Thames's fancy new Lebanese restaurant Cappadocia and yesterday, I did. By yesterday I mean I received a confirmation of a booking I requested the day previous which in itself isn't good customer service but that's not Cappadocia only issue!  Arriving slightly … Continue reading Cappadocia Restaurant – Walton-on-Thames

I’ll give you a tip…

Last night I was with a party of 3 at a popular London restaurant for dinner and drinks! Great restaurant, fab steaks, good decor and average service however, when it came time for the bill there was a 12.5% service charge, equating close to £20.00 for discretionary service that we didn't deem worthy to pay. … Continue reading I’ll give you a tip…