Event Theming – Penguins

Last night we produced a Penguin Event!

Fortunately for us, a few weeks ago penguins became very cool with this year’s  Christmas advertising and our penguin event planned almost a year ago instantly became cool with attendance figures through the roof.

For readers of my blog you will know I love love love a themed event and last night was, if I don’t say so myself, one of our best attempts.

We started with the concept of a penguin/ski theme and setup my Pinterest board. You can see the board here. 



Here are a few pictures from the event!











Pinterest for Event Managers



I have written about Pinterest a few times and it continues to be a firm favorite when planning an event. You can read my post here.  I use Pinterest for everything from planning a bespoke baby shower to using it for inspiration for a team away day.  Event planners are also starting to see the benefits of using Pinterest to promote their event both pre and post event. I sometimes liken Pinterest to LinkedIn in the sense that your boards (like your contacts in LinkedIn) remain yours for life and if you ever change your job, your work goes with you!

The below Infographic from Karen Leland shows just how you can use Pinterest for your small business and as an Event Manager, there are some great tips!