New Job For Me

Well after seven years with the same firm tomorrow I start my new role at a new firm and I am so excited. I love being an Event Manager, I love the creative, the management, the knowledge and attention to detail we need. I love knowing where to go, what's new, what has bad service … Continue reading New Job For Me


Monday Motivation

So today is my last Monday at a firm I have been at for over 7 years so I thought this quote is fitting.  I am pretty nervous but also really excited to start a new challenge, learn new things and progress my career so it was time for me. Have a great Monday everyone … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Are you a crier? – Monday motivation.. or not!

On doing the obligatory LinkedIn search pre-work tomorrow, the below picture is my recommended reading and it got me thinking back to a few times I have actually cried at work.   Working in corporate events, or any events role for that matter, is super stressful. I don't think people understand the amount of pressure that … Continue reading Are you a crier? – Monday motivation.. or not!

Looking for a new role

If you are an Event Manager looking to move onward and upwards, the following websites will help you find that dream role! Seeing a recruitment specialist is very important and I suggest you touch base with at least 1 to get you going.  In terms of searching yourself then here are  my top 3 places to … Continue reading Looking for a new role