Dunboyne Castle – Ireland

Last weekend, I attended an educational trip to Dublin, Ireland with The Buyers Networking Club (or BNC for short)!  The BNC is a group for Corporate Event Managers and it’s aim is to provide a platform for event managers to share information, experiences and recommendations. If you want to find out more about the BNC click here. My trip was to stay in Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa in Co. Meath Dublin, and it was AMAZING!
On returning from my trip, the club asked me to answer a few questions for other members which I have answered below.
Dunboyne castle 18 Dunboyne castle 2
Hand on heart, if you are considering Dublin as a destination for a meeting, incentive or away day I would definitely recommend it. I had a great time (I did have a lot of wine and got to bet at the horse races… ) but that aside – there was so much to see & do. I find Irish people and their hospitality just spot on, they are so welcoming and accommodating and of course the accent is lovely…

Describe in a few words the atmosphere and appeal of Dunboyne Castle and of Dublin as a destination

As a destination, Dublin has it all and Dunboyne Castle captures it all. If I had to say the first word that springs to mind about Dublin I would say tranquil and that’s exactly what Dunboyne Castle is. You just feel peaceful when your there. From the open event and dining spaces to the spa and ultimately the grounds, you just feel a sense of calm! It’s fabulous…


What do you feel is the venue’s biggest asset in terms of what it can offer corporate groups?

I think the venues biggest asset is its proximity to both the airport and the city centre. Corporate trips (whilst centred around the venue) need to also involve what’s on offer and the proximity of the hotel would allow groups an access to a wide range of activities in and around the city centre. Our group went to the race course which was only 15 minutes away and the cooking school of equal distance both which would suits groups.  You could do trips to the brewery as well!

What type of events do you think the venue is more suited towards?

Away days for small to medium sized groups would be great. I would also look at a gala ball in the ballroom which was so just so so lovely. I would also use the private dining area for Dublin based clients and the restaurant would suit any size event!

What did you think of the service?

Service was outstanding across the board. Nothing was too much trouble from finding me a phone charger to showing me the way out from the huge spa (the spa is amazing by the way).  The staff in the restaurant where beyond amazing – attention to detail was spot on!

What did you think of the fam’s organisation and of the excursions offered?

Hand on heart one of the best fam trips I have been on. There was just the right mix of showcasing not only the venue but of the activities as well. I managed a two hour nap and an hour of shopping which was fabulous and even a quick run.  Usually you are exhausted and don’t really have any free time – the itinerary was organised very very well.


If you could recommend Dunboyne Castle and Dublin what would you say about it?

You really just need to trust me and if you have any requirements in Dublin, book it!

What negative aspects of the venue/destination do you feel could be improved upon?

Nothing, and I am being honest. I loved every minute of both the hotel and Dublin. Even the weather was grand.

What was it like meeting other Club Members on a fam trip?

This is always a favourite part of mine of fam trips. You just meet people like you and I’ve always formed fast friendships where I always stay in touch with at least one person from my trip! It’s good to talk shop and to have a drink with your peers!

Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, Dunboyne, Co. Meath. T: +353 1 801 3500 F: +353 1 436 6801 E: frontoffice@dunboynecastlehotel.com


Hartwell House – for corporate events

Last Friday I was lucky enough to visit Hartwell House in Aylesbury and viewed their fabulous hotel, event spaces and meeting rooms.  I can’t wait to get started on this blog.  Stay tuned.


Hartwell House 1



IMEX America – back to Vegas

IMEX is THE event trade show for event professionals and on October 14 – 16, IMEX comes back to Las Vegas.

If you are yet to attend IMEX as a hosted buyer, you’ve been missing out.

If you are a meeting and event professional whom books hotels, holds meetings and events in the USA, then all you need to do is apply.  IMEX works through an intermediary to cover the cost of your flights and accommodation and is on a guarantee that you will meet with no less than 8 exhibitors a day whilst you are attending. It seems a lot but it really isn’t and if you are there to meet powerful connections and investigate all the different showcased venues, it is oh so worthwhile.

You can find out all the statistics from 2013 here! 



If you are like me though, the best part of trade shows is the networking opportunities and each time I attend one, I end up making amazing connections that I am still in touch with some years after I attended!

This year there are a few great events on offer however, the one event that looks pretty good  is the MPI Foundation Rendezvous which is a club night at one of the Strip nightclubs where you can mix and mingle with the industries best and brightest… all with an open bar!

To be honest, what ends up happening is you go to the party until about 3.00 am where you think it would be a great idea to keep going, get back to your hotel at around 6.00 am for a 7.00 wake-up call to attend the forum slightly worse for wear! lots of fun.

You can apply for a place as a hosted buyer here.   I can’t apply this year, I have no leave but next year I will!