The BNC Grand Dinner

Only a few more hours until the BNC Grand Dinner tonight at the Dorchester! Last years dinner was at the Ritz (you can read about it here) and was amazing.  I am so excited for tonight and can't wait to blog about it tomorrow!    


The Aviator by TAG

I have found hotel heaven. Throughout my carer as a flight attendant, I have stayed in the most amazing hotels across the globe and now, as a Event Manager I am lucky enough to do the same.  Hand on heart however, The Aviator has just become my favourite.  Located in Farnborough, Hampshire, the hotel is … Continue reading The Aviator by TAG

Garden Cliff Resort & Spa – Pattaya

Arriving a the Garden Cliff Resort & Spa yesterday for a few days of leave was never going to be just leave. We event managers can never go to a hotel and just sit back and relax. Every detail is unfortunately scrutinized, from the check in procedure to how fast they bring you your coconut … Continue reading Garden Cliff Resort & Spa – Pattaya