When is too many canapés, to many canapés?

This is my week in food and not even a full week…. From Tuesday to Friday.  I love all the perks and fabulous food we Event Managers have access to but this week was ridiculous. I have literally put on 2 kilos in 4 days and I can’t wait until next week when the husband and I do our #clean9 detox!

The only plus side (and the reason for doing it) is making some great choices for menu’s for upcoming events!


Fancy a picnic?

I love a picnic and on Saturday me, my sister and my good friend Sam are cycling to Hampton Court Palace to have one (very well behaved for a Saturday I know) and it got me thinking – where could I get a great picnic, already done so I don’t have to mess around and I immediately thought, Carluccios!

I use the Carluccio’s picnics for corporate events at the cricket all the time. The hampers are very well priced and you can pick them up either by the grounds (depending on where they are going) or find one close to their home.

There are a variety you can choose from – have a look here and very well priced.  You can pick one up for yourself or corporate clients for around £45 (which serves 2) and is more than enough food.

obviously ours will have more wine!