Event Analytics via Social Media

If you are currently using social media with your events, how do you prove its worth when your event ends? Using platforms like Google Analytics helps you understand which parts of your social media strategies are performing best, working across all of your platforms to deliver the insights you need. I think in terms of … Continue reading Event Analytics via Social Media


Are you missing a trick?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the need for social media to be 24 hours. I have had some great comments on it and I think people are starting to wake up to the necessity of it. For those businesses whom do have someone monitoring activity on their social media feeds though, some of … Continue reading Are you missing a trick?

Facebook turns 10…?? I thought it had been here forever!

I cannot recall (vividly) the time before Facebook? I know Facebook is still relatively young at age at 10 but seriously, can you remember when you didn't while away hours on Facebook on a Sunday? It seems today we use it from everything from planning our birthday party to using it to chat so as to … Continue reading Facebook turns 10…?? I thought it had been here forever!