The tasting…

I once took my husband to a tasting with me and he was in awe. We were in Barcelona and I guess to a non event manager it's a pretty exciting prospect to spend all day eating and drinking... We had to first taste canapés then two separate three course meals at two separate caterers … Continue reading The tasting…


New Job For Me

Well after seven years with the same firm tomorrow I start my new role at a new firm and I am so excited. I love being an Event Manager, I love the creative, the management, the knowledge and attention to detail we need. I love knowing where to go, what's new, what has bad service … Continue reading New Job For Me

A to Z of Event Theming

If you read my blog you will know that event theming is my absolute favorite.  I have included  few of my quick go-to ideas below! I think the best event I ever did was a penguin event.  You can read all about it here! A Alpine event Avalanche Aviation Afternoon tea Around the world African … Continue reading A to Z of Event Theming

Waking up early for “the seminar”

I can already hear you yawning... I am!! As an event manager, the run of the mill corporate seminar, no matter what the topic, I would surmise evokes a general feeling of dullness compared to some of the other events we can use our talents for.  The fact that the majority are "breakfast seminars" means … Continue reading Waking up early for “the seminar”

Event Theming – Penguins

Last night we produced a Penguin Event! Fortunately for us, a few weeks ago penguins became very cool with this year's  Christmas advertising and our penguin event planned almost a year ago instantly became cool with attendance figures through the roof. For readers of my blog you will know I love love love a themed … Continue reading Event Theming – Penguins

The BNC Christmas Party at the Mondrian Hotel

Last Monday,  I was fortunate enough to attend the BNC Christmas party at the very cool Mondrian hotel.  The Mondrian is located in the famed Sea Containers House on London's Southbank and opened late Summer.  Lucky for me I got to see the Mondrian via a hard hat tour just prior to its opening and it was … Continue reading The BNC Christmas Party at the Mondrian Hotel