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I would like to say it has been a while since I blogged… it hasn’t.  I am just over on eventprofslive and those blogs take up to a week to write (currently two) between my full time corporate events manager role, running Eventprofslive with Kate and having a bit of life, this blog gets a bit forgotten and I am going to try hard (get up even earlier?!) to get it back on track! I have had it for years and I loved writing for it…

Am currently in Paris on day two of a three day trip to scope out the best venues for a gala dinner, smaller dinners and just to build up my venue database so stay tuned. Blog to follow… Paris eventprofs


The Caledonian Club – Eventprofslive

Early in the month, my networking group held their May event at The Caledonian Club.  Our networking group is run by Kate and I for event managers and each month we hold a breakfast and an evening networking event in and around London.  We have just recently started hosting FAM trips as well (we’re pretty busy).  If you would like to know more you can email us here.  I hope you enjoy the blog!

Earlier this month we held our May Eventprofslive networking event at the beautiful Caledonian Club.  Situated in Belgravia, The Caledonian Club is a little bit of Scotland in the city and on the 17th of May, we welcomed 15 members to see the stunning spaces.

The club has a private entrance for corporate and private events with the capacity to seat up to 200.  Whilst it is a private members club, membership is not necessary in order to hold your event there and with its eight function rooms spanning over the five floors of the club, add in an outdoor terrace and you have every type of event space covered.  The venue is even licenced to hold weddings and civil partnership ceremonies.  It really would be perfect for a wedding as it also has 39 bedrooms in its original clubhouse from single rooms to junior suites.

Our event commenced at 6.30 pm and as always tube delays meant a few of us were a little late however we got there in the end and arrived to a very welcome glass of prosecco and canapes.

The service at the Caledonian club is outstanding and all of our guests commented on how often their glasses were re-filled and how amazing the canapés were.  After a brief welcome speech by the GM,  we were shown in groups around the stunning spaces and there really are a lot!

After our show round we mingled and welcomed four new members to the group and got to know them a little better.

We had a great time at the Caledonian Club and already have two members whom use the spaces and am pretty sure they will have a few more clients after our event.

The Caledonian Club is located at 9 Halkin Street, SW1X 7DR and you can find out more information by contacting Lyndsey at Park Lane Events.



The Royal Exchange

On Tuesday, we held our first event of 2016 at The Royal Exchange, kindly hosted by D&D.
​To be fair it’s pretty cold right now and we were worried we may loose a few members whom would rather head home to don their pyjamas but alas, our members are loyal and we had 13 in total.

On arrival at the Royal Exchange, our gracious hosts offered a rum punch to keep us warm before a tour of the fabulous event spaces at. The main spaces consist of The Gallery (private dining rooms) which accommodate 26 seated/50 standing, The Mezzanine Lounge (50 to 200 standing), The Courtyard (450 standing) and then the whole venue on offer as exclusive use ( 350 seated or 1000 standing).IMG_0084

The main event space would suit a fab drinks reception. I held a 1920’s speak easy event there a few years ago and it worked really well. The venue recommended a jazz band that accommodated the space perfectly and we themed it to suit.

Being dry January and all, we only had 3 glasses of wine each (very well behaved) and dined on some very tasty canapés and bowl food. One of the bowls was saffron risotto and I’ve been raving about it ever since. IMG_0082

It was a pretty good start to the networking groups’ year. We love the Royal Exchange and our members do to.
If you need any further information on The Royal Exchange or any of the D&D venues you can contact them here.

If your reading this thinking “how do I join such an amazing networking group” fear not, you can, by contacting us here!

These views are my own #fired

We all do it don’t we? We Twitter users believe that by adding those 5 words to our bio’s will stop us from being sacked for saying rude and inappropriate things even on our own personal Twitter account.  I do it.  It’s not that I plan on being rude and inappropriate but I want to emphasise the point that this is my own personal account and has nothing to do with the place in which I am employed.  To be frank (don’t call me Frank) anything that you say that reflects badly on you and you as an employee of your named company can get you fired.  Click here to read how these very inappropriate Tweeters were fired after their Tweets!

Working in Events is hard.  I know many of the people working in corporate do not name their company and try to keep their Tweets their own which is fine.  I just think people need to realise that even if you don’t mention where you work, it’s not hard to find out (ever heard of LinkedIn anyone) so be careful what you tweet!

Breakfast tweets

According to  Work Smart UK (click here)  their best advise is to not associate your employer with your social media accounts at all which is what I will continue doing.  That and not being rude and inappropriate might just save you!





Waking up early for “the seminar”

I can already hear you yawning… I am!! As an event manager, the run of the mill corporate seminar, no matter what the topic, I would surmise evokes a general feeling of dullness compared to some of the other events we can use our talents for.  The fact that the majority are “breakfast seminars” means this event manager needs to get up at 5.00 am in order to get there in time.

For those of you reading whom aren’t aware of what a seminar is… let me enlighten you.  A seminar is a presentation or a lecture delivered to an audience. The focus of a seminar can be one particular topic or a group of topics with some sort of tie-up.

young businesswoman coffee break

In my previous role, I delivered quite a few seminars in the annual calender and at times, I do profess I love them as I am a detail person and a seminar is all about the detail.  At other times (sorry Boss if your reading this) they are so boring. If you are running a 4 hour half day seminar and you need to be in the room for the duration then I struggle. I can’t sit still at the best of times, never mind for 4 hours straight no matter the topic.

So, sitting in a seminar for 4 hours when you have you have been up since 5.00 am requires either a real interest in the topic at hand OR needs a few little tips and tricks to get them through.

What do you do to get through?

Speaker at Business convention and Presentation.

Dunboyne Castle – Ireland

Last weekend, I attended an educational trip to Dublin, Ireland with The Buyers Networking Club (or BNC for short)!  The BNC is a group for Corporate Event Managers and it’s aim is to provide a platform for event managers to share information, experiences and recommendations. If you want to find out more about the BNC click here. My trip was to stay in Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa in Co. Meath Dublin, and it was AMAZING!
On returning from my trip, the club asked me to answer a few questions for other members which I have answered below.
Dunboyne castle 18 Dunboyne castle 2
Hand on heart, if you are considering Dublin as a destination for a meeting, incentive or away day I would definitely recommend it. I had a great time (I did have a lot of wine and got to bet at the horse races… ) but that aside – there was so much to see & do. I find Irish people and their hospitality just spot on, they are so welcoming and accommodating and of course the accent is lovely…

Describe in a few words the atmosphere and appeal of Dunboyne Castle and of Dublin as a destination

As a destination, Dublin has it all and Dunboyne Castle captures it all. If I had to say the first word that springs to mind about Dublin I would say tranquil and that’s exactly what Dunboyne Castle is. You just feel peaceful when your there. From the open event and dining spaces to the spa and ultimately the grounds, you just feel a sense of calm! It’s fabulous…


What do you feel is the venue’s biggest asset in terms of what it can offer corporate groups?

I think the venues biggest asset is its proximity to both the airport and the city centre. Corporate trips (whilst centred around the venue) need to also involve what’s on offer and the proximity of the hotel would allow groups an access to a wide range of activities in and around the city centre. Our group went to the race course which was only 15 minutes away and the cooking school of equal distance both which would suits groups.  You could do trips to the brewery as well!

What type of events do you think the venue is more suited towards?

Away days for small to medium sized groups would be great. I would also look at a gala ball in the ballroom which was so just so so lovely. I would also use the private dining area for Dublin based clients and the restaurant would suit any size event!

What did you think of the service?

Service was outstanding across the board. Nothing was too much trouble from finding me a phone charger to showing me the way out from the huge spa (the spa is amazing by the way).  The staff in the restaurant where beyond amazing – attention to detail was spot on!

What did you think of the fam’s organisation and of the excursions offered?

Hand on heart one of the best fam trips I have been on. There was just the right mix of showcasing not only the venue but of the activities as well. I managed a two hour nap and an hour of shopping which was fabulous and even a quick run.  Usually you are exhausted and don’t really have any free time – the itinerary was organised very very well.


If you could recommend Dunboyne Castle and Dublin what would you say about it?

You really just need to trust me and if you have any requirements in Dublin, book it!

What negative aspects of the venue/destination do you feel could be improved upon?

Nothing, and I am being honest. I loved every minute of both the hotel and Dublin. Even the weather was grand.

What was it like meeting other Club Members on a fam trip?

This is always a favourite part of mine of fam trips. You just meet people like you and I’ve always formed fast friendships where I always stay in touch with at least one person from my trip! It’s good to talk shop and to have a drink with your peers!

Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, Dunboyne, Co. Meath. T: +353 1 801 3500 F: +353 1 436 6801 E: