Ladies lunch at South Place Hotel

I use the term "ladies" loosely. We start our lunches off very posh, polite and pretty and usually by the end of our lunch at least half the group is slurring and speaking level has become shouting.. #class That said, ladies lunch once a month has become something I very much look forward to and … Continue reading Ladies lunch at South Place Hotel



I have been to Bills a few times and have no idea why, but thought it was a chain, owned by someone from New Zealand?! That aside, its not and instead has it's foundations in East Sussex where founder Bill Collison started his "Bills" in a shed before moving onto the high street and then … Continue reading Bills

Oh how I love Brunch

Seriously, I love Brunch.. it is my favorite meal of the day and who wouldn't be tempted for an all you can drink Prosecco and Bloody Mary brunch for only £15.00 at the Happenstance this weekend. Emerald Street and The Brunch Society are offering this for this coming weekend only (Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th). … Continue reading Oh how I love Brunch