#Eventprofs And Tech Geeks! Another Successful EWL Club Lunch

Wish I had been there!

EWL Club London

IMG_3902Chris Elmitt, Managing Director of Crystal Interactive led a thought provoking and insightful chat on the benefits and challenges of event technology during our ‘Using Technology in Events’ lunch last Friday.

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I have written about this before and am starting to wonder if I am actually in the wrong... If you are hosting a Twitter chat and want people to use your hashtag everytime they engage (the whole purpose really) then why make your hashtag so long if you only get 140 characters? I have seen … Continue reading #hashlong

Content for Event Managers with LinkedIn

What is content marketing? It is the creation of content (i.e. via a blog), then pushing that content out through various social media channels in order to convert those that view that content into customers. In a more formal defination via the Content Marketing Institute: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing … Continue reading Content for Event Managers with LinkedIn