Can event managers eat well?

Event Managers eat out a lot! Well I do anyway and even though I exercise every day, get my 10,000 steps in daily and haven’t been to a fast food place in years, I am finding it ever so difficult to shift this stone of weight I think I am carrying. I am not fat, but I do feel a bit chubby and being the social media obsessive that I am, rather than have a physical personal trainer, I have signed up with a digital one. Joe The Body Coach is, after parting with a small fee, my new online trainer and I can’t wait.  I have just taken my front, side and back photos (gross) to send off to him, along with my answers to a very in-depth questionnaire, given him my measurements and in 3 to 5 working days I will receive my detailed food and exercise plan.Fat and slim woman on weights scales

The issue is, as an Event Manager, I am literally always surrounded by food and alcohol. When I signed up today, looking at my diary I know I am out at a networking event that I organised on Monday and a dinner on Thursday not to mention I am off for a weekend away the next weekend etc.  I want to see what changes I can make when I do “have” to go out and whether I will still get results. I certainly hope so!

If you want to lean more about Joe, click here.  In the interim, I am off for a glass of wine as after filling in my questionnaire I have a strong feeling this may be where I am going wrong…




5 thoughts on “Can event managers eat well?

  1. Nick Kita says:

    The answer is absolutely, however you’re going to have to be really organized and really prepared. I eat 6 meals a day, and as a college student… that’s totally possible! I’m no more than a mile from my home base at a time and i can fuel up every 2-3 hours with a meal that is around 550 calories balanced between fats, proteins, and carbs. If you want to achieve that goal you have to get organized and plan ahead. Besides working with Joe how are you planning on moving forward?


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