Event Theming

Theming an event is one of my favorite parts of the job and I think I am pretty good at it!  I love confirming a theme and then working to make sure everything fits from the invitation to the napkins and everything in between.  Event theming lets you transform a blank canvas into absolutely anything where the only limit is your imagination.

Whilst there are a load of companies that will provide your actually event theming, it is up to the event manager to put everything together, to tie it all up so it works, and not in a tacky way.  I have been to so many events where you know where they are going with their event and how they have tried to tie in the theme but… its just not there.


There are so many tools to help you create a well-rounded theme for your event.  My best advice is to use Pinterest!

Pinterest is my bible and all-round event managers essential dream tool.  As Pinterest becomes even more popular, so too increases the pinners and in turn, the pins. You can find boards for most things your thinking of.  Performing a simple search for Jungle/Event/Corporate for example  will bring up some amazing ideas.  I use it all the time for everything and anything. Give it a go!



jungle themed event

superman page


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