Event Analytics via Social Media

If you are currently using social media with your events, how do you prove its worth when your event ends?

Using platforms like Google Analytics helps you understand which parts of your social media strategies are performing best, working across all of your platforms to deliver the insights you need.

I think in terms of events, we tweet or we share content on Facebook etc but I believe many organisations aren’t using the systems available to follow-up.

If for example you are running a seminar, sharing the link on Twitter but by not actually monitoring how many people are actually opening the link, you could be missing out on making valuable connections.  If someone is clicking on a link you provide to your event, they will have a genuine interest in the content.  By following up with them directly, perhaps sending the seminar materials to them post-event in a direct message you may make valuable connections which may get them in the door the next time you run a seminar of similar content.

Another missed trick is sharing content on Facebook and not using their own analytics to see how your share is doing.  It is there, free and easy to use!!

I have just read this great feature in Social Media Times called “How to Measure Social Media Results Using Google Analytics” which gives great insight into proving the impact and benefit of your social media.








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