Twitter chats for #eventprofs

When I first started using Twitter to engage in dialogue with other event professionals I was hooked! It was great to be able to talk to others, in real-time, exchange information, ask industry related questions and generally just sounding off ideas about the event world. I do however feel though that the nature of the … Continue reading Twitter chats for #eventprofs

Wedding Weather Makes for One-Off Pictures

Sunshine, rain, snow makes for amazing pictures… Its about the wedding, not the weather..make the most of it!

The Wedding Planner School's Blog

TornadoIf you found a tornado or wildfire heading the way of your wedding would you flee the scene or stop for wedding photographs? Two couples and their photographers stopped (not to be recommended!) to turn these natural events into an unforgettable part of their weddings…

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Craft & Grill – Walton

When you work in London but spend your free time in the area, you notice there isn't that many varied non-chain restaurants in Walton. It's like Christmas when you spot that a new one has opened, and I am always super keen to try a new venture out! The Craft & Grill (formerly the Noble … Continue reading Craft & Grill – Walton

Event Theming

Theming an event is one of my favorite parts of the job and I think I am pretty good at it!  I love confirming a theme and then working to make sure everything fits from the invitation to the napkins and everything in between.  Event theming lets you transform a blank canvas into absolutely anything … Continue reading Event Theming

Social Media at Events – #hashtag

I wrote about measuring return via analytics on social media earlier this week.  You can read my blog here.  As I am slightly obsessed with social media and the role it plays in events,  last night I read this great article from Bizbash.  The post talks about the new strategies, tips and tricks currently in the … Continue reading Social Media at Events – #hashtag

Event Analytics via Social Media

If you are currently using social media with your events, how do you prove its worth when your event ends? Using platforms like Google Analytics helps you understand which parts of your social media strategies are performing best, working across all of your platforms to deliver the insights you need. I think in terms of … Continue reading Event Analytics via Social Media