Are you a crier? – Monday motivation.. or not!

On doing the obligatory LinkedIn search pre-work tomorrow, the below picture is my recommended reading and it got me thinking back to a few times I have actually cried at work.   Working in corporate events, or any events role for that matter, is super stressful. I don't think people understand the amount of pressure that … Continue reading Are you a crier? – Monday motivation.. or not!

Oh how I love Brunch

Seriously, I love Brunch.. it is my favorite meal of the day and who wouldn't be tempted for an all you can drink Prosecco and Bloody Mary brunch for only £15.00 at the Happenstance this weekend. Emerald Street and The Brunch Society are offering this for this coming weekend only (Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th). … Continue reading Oh how I love Brunch

IMEX America – back to Vegas

IMEX is THE event trade show for event professionals and on October 14 - 16, IMEX comes back to Las Vegas. If you are yet to attend IMEX as a hosted buyer, you've been missing out. If you are a meeting and event professional whom books hotels, holds meetings and events in the USA, then all … Continue reading IMEX America – back to Vegas

Why doesn’t anyone show up?

I cannot count the amount of times I have been so off when calculating actual  rsvp's versus attendance on the day. Some days its a 8.00 am start, its raining, minus 6 degrees, tube strike and someone famous passed away and you will get close to perfect attendance. Other times, you have an amazing event, … Continue reading Why doesn’t anyone show up?

Social Media for Event Managment

Event Consult

Social Media in events enables long-term and sustained interaction with attendees. It isn’t just for large events either. You can use social media to leverage the reach of a 3 person round table or even your own summer party!

I read a great, downloadable e-book from vent this morning for helping you to understand the social media landscape. It can be downloaded, via cvent here.

Enjoy #evenprofs

party pic

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