My week in events

I have just come back from a nearly 2 week holiday and on doing to obligatory email check on Monday, before my return on Tuesday I was overjoyed. For a 2 week holiday, I would be pretty much guaranteed at least 2000 + emails however this time... 38! Our amazing event coordinator had not only … Continue reading My week in events

Orange is the New Black and obsessed is the new Michelle

Ok, aside from my mate Erin (who also logs into my Netflix account), who else is watching OITNB? The image for the show kept coming up on my Netflix and after finishing Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie (don't judge) I thought I would give it a go and hand on heart, am now obsessed! According … Continue reading Orange is the New Black and obsessed is the new Michelle

What to do in London this weekend (not Glastonbury)

I have tomorrow off so today, Thursday is my Friday which means tomorrow is the weekend which means YahoooooooSo.. if your looking for something to do in our amazing London this weekend that doesn't involve Glastonbury or any music festival, look no further than the Urban Street Food Festival in Shoreditch this Saturday, 28 June. … Continue reading What to do in London this weekend (not Glastonbury)

Just when I thought I was out…

I screamed when I saw that The Royal Albert Hall was hosting the premiere of The Godfather Live in December.  Alongside Godfellas and Casino, the original Godfather is one of my all time favorite films. The film will be screened on a huge screen whilst its score is performed by a live orchestra, led by … Continue reading Just when I thought I was out…

Cinema Experience at Battersea Power Station

I was pretty excited when I read that Battersea Power Station will be holding a 7 week outdoor cinema and street food event over summer from 10 July to 31 August. The Power Station is due redevelopment and this is the last chance the public will have access which makes it even more enticing. Site … Continue reading Cinema Experience at Battersea Power Station

A few of my favorite…. (people)!

I have been pretty excited about quite a few things in my life.  Meeting Bradley, getting engaged, planning our wedding, getting the phone call to say that I got the job with Virgin and then Emirates, landing in Paris for the first time, visiting the Maasi Mara just to name a few.  I have been very fortunate! … Continue reading A few of my favorite…. (people)!

A bit of….

Motivation for Monday Am fairly certain most people struggle with Mondays - in fact, its around this time on a Sunday evening that I start seeing the "Sunday night blues" posts on Facebook. This weekend (and particularly today) has been so sunny that I dare say most people will wakeup tomorrow slightly hungover.  As anyone … Continue reading A bit of….