Private Dining at The Wolseley

Every year for our birthdays, my best friend Meaghan and I take each other out, rather than buying each other a birthday present. We have eaten everywhere from The Ritz to Claridges. We have had afternoon tea in a variety of places and one year, Meaghan took me to Dans Le Noir, the Clerkenwell restaurant where you eat and drink completely in the dark.  That was quite the experience, especially when we were told at the end what we had actually eaten.  I believe is was shark?!

This year, I decided to take Meaghan out to breakfast at The Wolseley.  Whilst out with friends the night before, they thought it a cruel punishment to make someone get up at 7.00 am on a Sunday for their “birthday present” but she didn’t mind….I hope?!

On arrival staff where amazingly polite for such an ridiculous hour.  Now, the thing about the Wolseley is that the tables are very close together, so close that you can eavesdrop ever so easily!

The people we were sitting next to didn’t look like they were going to divulge anything juicy and, as we had quite the conversation planned, I asked to move.  A wonderful Australian waitress moved us to a corner table straight away and it was fabulous.  From this seat we could sit back, chat away and marvel at not only the stunning decor but the vast array of patrons coming and going!  Now there were quiet a few children which I find odd but I guess atypical of London. When I was 10 we went to breakfast at McDonalds, not The Wolseley!

The menu is very well priced with the standard options of offer. I went for the bacon and egg roll (£7.50) and Meaghan had the large eggs Benedict (£14.50). Both were great sizes and very tasty. Other options on offer were Haggis with fried duck eggs (£10.75) and my favorite, Croque Monsieur (£7.25).

Throughout our 2 hour breakfast we were really well looked after, the staff were so patient as it took (as usual) quite some time to decide what to order.

worseley menu
Out bill for breakfast, a few coffees and juice came to £42.94.

In terms of sending clients there, I  wouldn’t use the main floor for a  breakfast meeting as you couldn’t talk business, I did ask however to see the private dining room when we were leaving. The Private Dining Room at The Wolseley has been described as “one of the most beautiful in London” and I can see why. It’s large, arched windows have the most amazing views with the Ritz to its right and Piccadilly. It was laid bare when we saw it however I can certainly see the potential and I can’t wait to find a excuse to use it.



My fiancée first took me to The Wolseley over a year ago and I loved it then as well, I can’t wait to go back even if it does mean getting up at 7.00 am on a Sunday! It’s worth it!


3 thoughts on “Private Dining at The Wolseley

  1. thisluxlife says:

    I LOVED the Wolseley as well and have blogged about it 🙂 can’t wait to read about your next adventure! When’s the next birthday? Will you be blogging about planning your wedding? I can tell your blog is fab as normally I write about 2 sentences and read half of ppls posts but I read each of yours in full! x


    • Event Consult says:

      Thank you so much – I am so pleased you like my blogs! I love yours as well and always read them! I am off to NYC and Vegas next week so will be blogging from over there, I hope?! might be too drunk and end up writing something my dad will disown me for! ha ha I will definately be writing about the wedding, nothing is safe is it? wish you a super fab weekend! x


      • thisluxlife says:

        You will love Vegas in NY two of my FAVE ever places I have been! We did NY at Easter… I am sure you already have tons of plans but if you get chance in Vegas def see a show we did Cirque du soleil and Jersey Boys…we also loved the Bellagio restaurant overlooking the fountains! The pool parties are amazing as well! I think I read that this is your hen somewhere on your blog I would of loved to have done that for mine! NY is immense as well and if you can go to a secret bar called PDT it is in a hot dog joint and looks like nothing but you go through a secret door to a lovely bar I am going to write about it later…there is also Max Brenner an AMAZING chocolate shop and cafe try and do brekky there it is IMMENSE! Have a fabulous time very jel!


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