Looking for a new role

If you are an Event Manager looking to move onward and upwards, the following websites will help you find that dream role! Seeing a recruitment specialist is very important and I suggest you touch base with at least 1 to get you going.  In terms of searching yourself then here are  my top 3 places to … Continue reading Looking for a new role


The Country Life Fair at Claridges

Being an event manager has its perks. Being an event manager and a member of the BNC (Buyers Networking Club) pretty much guarantees being invited to not only the best networking events, fam trips and parties but, it provides an amazing platform to bounce of event ideas and ask the group for advice and recommendations … Continue reading The Country Life Fair at Claridges

Smart Wine Ideas For Even The Most Novice Of Wine Aficionados

some great tips on one of my favorite subjects!

Italian Home Kitchen Blog

Although many occasions go better with wine, better wine doesn’t always go with any occasion. Learning which wine goes best with different dishes and how to complement a celebration takes time. The following article will teach you a few basic tips about selecting the right wine, serving it and more.

Make a habit of trying new wines as often as you can. You will have the best chances of finding a wine that suits your tastes if you take the time to experiment with them. Everyone has different tastes, so just because a wine is said to be excellent does not mean that you will enjoy it, so get out there and try them.

A lot of wines have foreign names. It is best to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of these names before you talk with experts about your wine tasting experiences. A wine expert will quickly label you…

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Private Dining at The Wolseley

Every year for our birthdays, my best friend Meaghan and I take each other out, rather than buying each other a birthday present. We have eaten everywhere from The Ritz to Claridges. We have had afternoon tea in a variety of places and one year, Meaghan took me to Dans Le Noir, the Clerkenwell restaurant … Continue reading Private Dining at The Wolseley

Who doesn’t love Gin??

Sipsmith is partnering with Ketner's in Soho to bring you 100 classic Martini recipes in what they call "the perfect sipping environment" Entry costs just £12.00 for a 90 minute session and will run from 26 March to 12 April. Your £12 will get you a Martini of your choosing from their interactive Martini menu, … Continue reading Who doesn’t love Gin??

Events Managers and the Bribery Act

Three years ago, there were seldom other words at work that annoyed me more than “The Bribery Act”. The Bribery Act 2010 (The Act) first came into force back on 1 July 2011 and for a while evoked mild panic when trying to determine what you could not only offer to clients but to also accept yourself. … Continue reading Events Managers and the Bribery Act