Look how far we’ve come…

I have just found this slideshow presentation from back in 2009. It's very well written and a lot of the concepts are still very relevant. It just serves to show just how far we have come in events and social media! It also shows that compared to 2009, just how many new mediums we now … Continue reading Look how far we’ve come…


What is this vegetarian food you speak of?

The thought of having dinner in a vegetarian restaurant is about as exciting to me as sugar-free chocolate, a waste of my jaw movement and a waste of calories however....last night my beautiful niece-to-be turned 18 and, being a vegetarian, held her birthday dinner at Riverside Vegetarian in Kingston. Only a stones throw from Jamie's … Continue reading What is this vegetarian food you speak of?

Whats App(ening) in your events

A month or so ago, I suggested using WhatsApp to talk to each other during an event and it worked so well, I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. WhatsApp has featured in the media a lot recently, for the reported 19 Billion buyout by Facebook. To those of you living under a … Continue reading Whats App(ening) in your events

Events, technology. Apple and the iWATCH..the future is nigh..

good read!

Lord Jason Scott's Blog

How Apple’s iWatch can revolutionize the Events Industry

How Apple’s iWatch can revolutionize the Events Industry

Now, as you all now I am a huge horophiliac and when I heard about a blog that had my two loves in it, watches and events I had to check it out and share ASAP.

Hope you get as excited as I did reading this amazing and exciting piece.

In August 2011, Apple filed a patent titled “BI-STABLE SPRING WITH FLEXIBLE DISPLAY.” This points to the start of the evolution of wearable technology. We look at the patent filing in detail and make some predictions on how wearable technology such as Apple’s rumoured “iWatch” can possibly revolutionize the Events industry:

Real-time video streaming

In the patent filing, the term “wearable video” is mentioned no less than 28 times, so there’s no doubt that video will be a big thing for iWatch. Imagine short video introductions of each session or track to…

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Staggering home from events!

Whilst it's now becoming commonplace for businesses to offer their employees flexible working arrangements. I wonder how the events industry is following suit? Flexible working can include anything from job sharing, staggered hours (perhaps to avoid peak travelling time), working from home and flexitime! We event managers know that on event days and, in the … Continue reading Staggering home from events!

The Queens Head – Weybridge (for quarelling couples)!

Bradley and I have been home all weekend (gym aside) and we pretty much want to kill ourselves! It was because of the cabin fever we decided to go for a walk around our lovely Weybridge and head down to The Queens Head. Situated quite close to Weybridge station, on Bridge Road, The Queens Head … Continue reading The Queens Head – Weybridge (for quarelling couples)!

Facebook turns 10…?? I thought it had been here forever!

I cannot recall (vividly) the time before Facebook? I know Facebook is still relatively young at age at 10 but seriously, can you remember when you didn't while away hours on Facebook on a Sunday? It seems today we use it from everything from planning our birthday party to using it to chat so as to … Continue reading Facebook turns 10…?? I thought it had been here forever!