It’s all about the networking…

As much as I like the free champagne and canapés, you do get tired of it after a while. What I never get tired of though is networking. Wikipedia defines business networking as "a socioeconomic business activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities". Networking is not only a … Continue reading It’s all about the networking…


Abbey Road revisited

Steve Hickey is my favourite photographer!

steve hickey

It’s been a long time since I have been to Abbey Road, work doesn’t seem to take me to that part of town these days and the last time I worked at the studios was sometime in the early 90’s. My first job there was in 1979 and I worked there quite a few times in the 80’s.

So there I was last week walking up towards the Abbey Road Studios to photograph a party and I saw these photographers taking pics of the tourists on the crossing. My first thoughts were – good little business idea ( I guess they were selling the photos) but surely dangerous! Then I thought, no, it’s actually far less dangerous than having lots of tourists jumping in  front of the traffic with their own cameras. At least these guys understand the traffic and which direction it’s coming from and in the short time…

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If you’re an event manager and you’ve not yet discovered Pinterest, I am about to revolutionise your life! The minute I am given a brief for an event, from a conference to a cocktail reception, Pinterest is the first website I visit! Using different boards to save and categorize your different interests, Pinterest is like … Continue reading Pinterest

Events & Social Media

As an Event Manager, I cannot tell you how important social media is in the event world! From concept to implementation, social media is not only imperative in the initial promotion of the event, it is an important element in the whole event process. Successful use of social media can mean people are still talking … Continue reading Events & Social Media