My week one on #thebodycoach #90DAYSSSPLAN

So blah blah it’s not about the scales but as much as people say it, the more I am sticking to my guns. Yes muscle ways more that fat but I’m sorry, not that much! So, this morning, after my first week on the #90DAYSSSPLAN I was oh so happy to have lost 1.3  kilos in only one week not to mention my body looks different and more toned.

My aim is to follow this plan to a T however being an event manager with the long hours means its hard (not impossible, just hard). I attended two functions where I stuck to water and had to refuse canapés.  I also made it through a mates leaving do only drinking “fancy water” and a family dinner with the help of coffee when everyone else was drinking lovely wine. Saying no to canapés sux quite frankly but I found by eating my dinner before I went to an event then I was full and wasn’t tempted.

My one week verdict – DO IT.

I feel amazing, I have energy, I look better, I feel better and the food is so good. beef
Preparation (like life) is definitely the key and every few days I am making enough meals for 3 days for my husband and I. Bradley isn’t on my plan but he trains hard and is enjoying the food. Our favourite is the protein pancakes and I can’t get enough of the stuffed capsicums.

I thought the goal was to eat more and I am, but I have also been logging the calories to see how I am going and its actually less than I was eating before but WAY more food in terms of bulk. I am not overly hungry either.  In terms of the exercise, I did 5 HIIT workouts during the week with rest days Thursday and Sunday and I could have done more. It’s easy to get up early and get it done and as we work such long and varied hours, I think this is the best in case of a meeting over running or being at an event late.

Can’t wait for this week though… we are off to a wedding so I might have a sneaky one and then Rome the week after and as much as I am loving the programme I am not going to Italy and not having Wine!






The Aviator by TAG

I have found hotel heaven. Throughout my carer as a flight attendant, I have stayed in the most amazing hotels across the globe and now, as a Event Manager I am lucky enough to do the same.  Hand on heart however, The Aviator has just become my favourite.  Located in Farnborough, Hampshire, the hotel is just 35 minutes by train from London’s Waterloo and from there, just a 2 minute taxi ride to the hotel.

The Aviator was created by the TAG group, based overlooking their own private Farnborough airport.  The hotel oozes glamour and really is a design masterpiece. At every turn, you are reminded of aviation with the influence reflected throughout minute detail in the hotel.  There are 169 bedrooms in total, with a mix of studios, rooms and suites. My husband and I were lucky enough to stay in a suite on the 4th floor of the hotel (we were told this is the suite favoured by the owner) and it was just stunning. The suites contain a huge bath (with television), a wet shower, and feature an open plan design, making it fluid feel a little like home!  The king size bed was pretty terrific and a the room offers a complementary mini-bar which NEVER happens.  I usually get a bill for £50 for all the water and bottles of diet coke I get through after a big night out!

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When we arrived, Bradley and I had a tour with sales manager Simon. Simon is so passionate about the hotel and you can tell just how proud he is of it the way he talks about it.  It really is refreshing and his enthusiasm is contagious. The Aviator has 5 meeting rooms all aviation themed (obviously) with the smallest capacity being the Cody (20) and the largest Bleriot (150).   As well as the dedicated meeting spaces, the hotels restaurants, lobby, terraces and bars can all be used for an event. The things you could do with that lobby would be endless. It reminds me of the Guggenheim in NYC.  It is however, designed to look like a planes engine.

Dining wise, you have three options. The Brasserie which has an emphasis on locally-produced ingredients paired with boutique wines or One Eleven.  One Eleven is an informal British-American dining experience. I didn’t get to eat there but I will next time. It looked very cool and as I am partial to a burger or six, I am pretty sure it would be great.

Basically, #eventprofs (or anyone really), you need to see this hotel. The events you could hold here would win you an award! With 169 bedrooms, taking it exclusive use would be amazing. There are more than enough breakout areas, an event room that will take 150 theatre style for your seminar and the terraces would make for some fab entertaining spaces.

There are some amazing offers on this hotel at the moment. The best deal is £175 per room with breakfast for one of their Aviator rooms.

The Aviator Hotel

Farnborough Road, Farnborough,

Hampshire, GU14 6EL

T: +44 (0)1252 555 890



I’m sorry I can’t come in today…

When your an event manager and your sick, what do you do? Seriously, if you are off work (in the voice of Olivia Pope) WHAT DO YOU DO??? I have been battling this dreaded flu for 3 whole days, I made it into the office Monday and Tuesday but today…I just couldn’t do it, this morning my glands were so swollen, I couldn’t move.   I am so bored, I am going crazy. My husband just came home from work and literally couldn’t stop talking. I love my own company, I am pretty fun on my own…   but when I’m not well and I can’t work, and I can’t exercise and I know I just need to rest to get over the stupid thing it drives me crazy.

We event managers move at a million miles an hour so what I want to know, from any other event managers reading this.. how do you cope being ill? How do you sit still?



It’s arrived!

A few days ago I posted about Event Managers and questioning whether amongst all the boozy dinners and canapé tastings, we ever have the ability to eat “well”.  You can read the post here.  I have been feeling a bit chubster  (unable to shift the Christmas stone) lately and it inspired me to sign up to The Body Coach; an on-line nutrition coach and creator of the 90 Day SSS Plan, whom advised it would take between 3 and 5 days to receive a detailed meal and exercise plan that will transform me into a bikini wearing goddess in only 3 months! (*For a small fee.  Think dinner at #Hawksmoor).


I had hoped that Joe would go easy on me based on my weekly alcohol intake** (which I was required to submit), but alas no!

**Monday – 2 glasses

Tuesday – a bottle

Wednesday – a bottle & a bit

Thursday – a bottle and a gin… .. you get the picture!


After only 2 days I had received my #90DAYSSS Plan and wowsers – it is in depth and very fancy.  I love structure so this is going to suit me to a tee.  IMG_2055

On receiving my plan, I was advised to give up wine which is going to be a struggle but as my husband is a super gym fitness freak, I am going to do it, he will inspire me…… straight after my event managers dinner on Thursday at The Arch Hotel…oh and our weekend away of course!

Wish me luck! I start on Sunday.


Are you a member madam?

Ok so you need to be a member to be able to go but joining is easy and so worth it. I think I have found cocktail heaven. The Covent Garden Cocktail club is situated right near Leicester Square station, down some very steep stairs and is quite the find (thanks Meaghan).

In their own words…

“The Covent Garden Cocktail Club is an amalgamation of everything that is classic British hospitality!”

Every Tuesday to Saturday, from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm its happy hour where you can get everything from a Jam Jar Daiquiri to a Monkeys Nuts cocktail which is Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, amaretto, peanut butter, pineapple & vanilla.  I am quite partial to gin and had 2 (4… actually which is why my head is banging today) of their “London Calling” cocktails which was Bombay Sapphire, Fino Sherry, Lemon Juice, Orange Bitter and sugar which were amazing.

The GCCC can be hired exclusively for an event and even have a pull down screen for move nights.IMG_1982I will definitely be going back…

 The Covent Garden Cocktail Club

6 – 7 Great Newport Street, WC2H7JB

Fat and slim woman on weights scales

Can event managers eat well?

Event Managers eat out a lot! Well I do anyway and even though I exercise every day, get my 10,000 steps in daily and haven’t been to a fast food place in years, I am finding it ever so difficult to shift this stone of weight I think I am carrying. I am not fat, but I do feel a bit chubby and being the social media obsessive that I am, rather than have a physical personal trainer, I have signed up with a digital one. Joe The Body Coach is, after parting with a small fee, my new online trainer and I can’t wait.  I have just taken my front, side and back photos (gross) to send off to him, along with my answers to a very in-depth questionnaire, given him my measurements and in 3 to 5 working days I will receive my detailed food and exercise plan.Fat and slim woman on weights scales

The issue is, as an Event Manager, I am literally always surrounded by food and alcohol. When I signed up today, looking at my diary I know I am out at a networking event that I organised on Monday and a dinner on Thursday not to mention I am off for a weekend away the next weekend etc.  I want to see what changes I can make when I do “have” to go out and whether I will still get results. I certainly hope so!

If you want to lean more about Joe, click here.  In the interim, I am off for a glass of wine as after filling in my questionnaire I have a strong feeling this may be where I am going wrong…



5 ‘Mocktail’ favourites to try at your next event!

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