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Ladies lunch at South Place Hotel

I use the term “ladies” loosely. We start our lunches off very posh, polite and pretty and usually by the end of our lunch at least half the group is slurring and speaking level has become shouting.. #class

That said, ladies lunch once a month has become something I very much look forward to and this month, we went to South Place Hotel, just by Moorgate station.south place 1

South Place Hotel offers a bottomless Bellini brunch were when you purchase as least 2 courses, you can have bottomless Bellinis, Prosecco or Mimosas for £15.  The menu is fab and offers everything atypical of a brunch menu.  I personally went for the smoked chicken cobb salad which to be fair, I could have just had that and been fine but as we “had” to have two courses, I also went for the Longhorn Rump burger with bacon and cheese and a side of chips (obviously).  My group of 10 tried a variety of things but to me, the omelette and the fish and chips looked the best.south place menu

The bill came to £40 each and we had A LOT to drink. I would highly recommend it and I know I will be going back! If you want to know more or book, click here! 

Photo courtesy of Batty Langley's

our next #eventprofslive breakfast event

Who would have thought that two people who met on Twitter could become good friends and develop what is becoming one of London’s best #eventprofs networking groups! We sure do love the social media ha ha

Kate and I launched our group just give months ago and since then our evening networking events are going so well that we are now starting breakfast events too.

On Wednesday 25 November, a few of our members are heading over to Batty Langley’s in Spittlefields for breakfast and a tour of the city’s most exclusive boutique hotel.  The event is hosted by the fabulous Alexander Ryll of Hazlitt’s Hotels and the delicious Hotel Cocktail Blog and you can register you interest to attend here.  

Alexander says Batty Langley's

“Batty Langley’s in the past was home to silk merchants, petty thieves, tarts and vagabonds, and we have created Georgian elegance and witty charm”

I can’t wait to see it.  The address is in Folgate Street, Spitalfields, E1 6BX and you can register for you tickets here.  Kate and I hope to see you there and don’t forget to mention #eventprofslive when you register!

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I’ve discovered a new #eventprofs dress

I bought The Layla Dress from Hobbs last week. I have a habit of making up prices when I tell my husband how much I spend on clothes but this time I wasn’t lying!

The Layla Dress is very comfortable and has pockets (staple) for running events.  I wouldn’t wear it for a huge client function but something a little low key it would be perfect for.

It is only £59.00 at the moment at Hobbs on sale.  You can buy it here. 

Hobbs 3


The Power of Social Media for #eventprofs

Last week I had the somewhat unusual brief of finding a list of all the plays/musicals/theatre currently showing in London with a legal tie in. Now that Legally Blonde has finished I was slightly stumped.

Around 9.00 am I threw out the below tweet to my network and within two hours, I had loads of ideas and submitted my list (thanks Lyndsey)!

Without Twitter, it would have taken hours to go through all the play and musical synopsis and I didn’t really have the time.

Twitter conversation 1 Twitter conversation 2 twitter conversation 3

Just another reason why I sure do love “The Twitter” (a colleague used to call it that)!

When is too many canapés, to many canapés?

This is my week in food and not even a full week…. From Tuesday to Friday.  I love all the perks and fabulous food we Event Managers have access to but this week was ridiculous. I have literally put on 2 kilos in 4 days and I can’t wait until next week when the husband and I do our #clean9 detox!

The only plus side (and the reason for doing it) is making some great choices for menu’s for upcoming events!


October – #eventprofslive at The Ritz

Last Wednesday Kate & I hosted our October #eventprofslive networking event for Event Managers at The Ritz.

On arrival, our group of 10 met in The Ritz Fine Jewellery and if trying on £1M diamond rings isn’t the best start to your event, then I don’t know what is.  On arrival, we were greeted with wonderful champagne and after a brief introduction on the collection, our group was allowed to try on the pieces. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. How many people can say they have tried on jewellery at The Ritz. I couldn’t stop raving about it when I got back work and already have enquires to host another client event there.

The Ritz112064083_10153593574216224_664880410_nAfter trying on the jewellery, we were then given a show round of all the fabulous private dining spaces in The Ritz. There are so many different options and different ways the different rooms work together. My two favourites are the music room and the red room. Any event you held there would be stunning, its The Ritz!  If you would like to find out more about the different spaces you can email them here.

After our show round our group had a lovely spot in the hotel were we could network and eat fabulous canapés. One our group was gluten free and had her own plate of canapés, instantly. The service was perfect, the staff delightful.

A few of us left around 9.00 pm and the rest of the party stayed on to drink Champagne.. it really was a great night.

Our #eventprofslive is gaining new members every week. We love it and find the networking a nice mix of work and life and the chance each month to see a new venue so useful. We talk about everything from event trends to getting over jet lag.  You can email us here for more information.

set of reception character in different interactive  poses

How to be a healthy #eventprof

Now I am in no way, shape (precisely) or form an expert on health and fitness but I do no a bit about being healthy whilst working long hours and… I know what works for me!

Here are my top 5 tips for #eventprofs to stay healthy whilst running that huge conference or event or, just doing the standard 15 hour days in the office:

  • Drink plenty of water. Being hydrated gives me energy and stops me feeling tired and sluggish so I always drinks loads of water, it is sometimes hard but you just have to do it.
  • Try and exercise. I know we don’t have the time but you can always find 20 minutes. If you need to get up earlier or use your lunch break or if you are on site, do it in your hotel room with a workout video, just try to find at least 20 minutes to do some exercise. I find it perks me up and clears my head for the day ahead.  I use it as thinking time and sometimes, if I am running I will stop to put something I have just thought of in my iPhone!
  • Eat well.  We #eventprofs have access to an abundance of food.  I sometimes find I am out every night for dinner either via work or networking and it is hard to make good food choices. If I know I have a week of tastings or dinners out then I will switch one meal a day with a meal replacement shake just to try to even it out a bit.  It works for me but again, it’s just me.
  • Sleep. I know it is not always ideal but do try to get as much sleep as you can to stay focussed. Lack of sleep for me is way worse than being hung over and if it is choice of staying out until 2.00 am drinking with Madonna or going home at 11.00 pm to get my 7 hours sleep, I will choose the sleep, always. On site it is not always easy. The last event I did I was up for 6.00 am checking breakfast and not back to the hotel until 3.00 am BUT the next day I made sure I banked up some extra zzz’s. Try and get as much as you can!
The Dorchester 2


Our networking event last week was held at two venues.  We started at the fabulous Aston Martin Show Rooms on Park Lane before making the short walk to the Dorchester.  The Show Rooms at Aston Martin I admit are not something I would have thought to use for an event but I will now if I can.  The events you would run there would be very niche and I image very well attended.  How often do people get to have dinner or even a glass of champagne next to a 1964 Aston Martin DB? I think it would make for an amazing event.

There are four showrooms in Mayfair available for hire and you can contact Park Lane Events here for more information.

  • Aston Martin:  100 drinks reception
  • W One Aston Martin:  120 drinks reception
  • Land Rover:  150 drinks reception
  • Jaguar:  120 drinks reception

The second part of our evening took us to the Dorchester where we were treated to some amazing canapés, champagne and a show round of the different meeting rooms and private hire options available in the hotel.  I love being in the Dorchester, and I have been fortunate enough to run events here before.  What I didn’t know about it though was the private room offerings in China Tang and I will defiantly recommend that as an option for my next private dining request.

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If you want to know more about any of our venues for September or, would like more information on our networking group you can email Kate and I here.

We set up the #Eventprofslive networking group for fellow event professionals to meet up once a month.  We share experiences/knowledge of the events world whilst being in a events venue to enable event professionals to view the spaces for potential future events.

We think our networking group is fab and we think you will too!


Periscope for #eventprofs

I certainly wasn’t the first Event Manager to see the merits of using Periscope to showcase Events and I don’t think that I’ll be the last BUT at the moment, there really aren’t many of us doing it and I don’t understand why!

Periscope is taking social media by storm, it is Twitters’ latest venture and put simply, it is a video streaming platform.  It lets people “follow” you, recieve a notification when you are broadcasting and lets them watch a live stream of what you are doing wherever you are across the globe.  In the event world you could be watching a live stream of the Mardi Gras in Sydney and the next day joining a broadcast of an awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Kate and I of #eventprofslive use Periscope for our venue show rounds and networking events and have had a great response so far. I don’t think people would forgo attending an event to sit at home and watch it via Periscope but it is great for those people wanting to come along but are unable.

Your broadcast videos sit on users home pages for 24 hours after the event.  I follow a lot of motivational speakers and tend to watch their broadcasts on the train to work. I can’t see the limitations at the moment.  I think its great and will be broadcasting tomorrow evening from our event at The Dorchester.  You can follow me here and check it out for yourself.