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Content for Event Managers with LinkedIn

What is content marketing? It is the creation of content (i.e. via a blog), then pushing that content out through various social media channels in order to convert those that view that content into customers. In a more formal defination via the Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Initially the purpose of content I believe, is to inspire your audience to share your work and keep them engaged.  It is to provide quality content first, before your competitors and it is to provide content that your audience wants.  You need to show the world what your about and uploading any old *&^% will not hold you in high regard.

In terms of event management, the content available to share is probably the most varied and highly visual across all industries and to start, there is mounting evidence to show that rather than a traditional blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger, LinkedIn can lead to great engagement and leads.

Like other platforms, once you have published your content you can Tweet links to it, share images from it on Facebook or Instagram all the while bringing people back to your post and more importantly to either your own personal profile or the profile of your company.  I guess it depends on what you want really but I for certain am going to start giving it more of a go.  I published an article there (you can read it here) last week and received 2 endorsements, an invitation to hold a discussion forum and four new connection requests!

If you haven’t yet thought about pushing your content out via the LinkedIn Publisher, why not give it a go today.  You can read all about it here.

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It’s competition time!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream -Shakespeare at Squerryes

From 18 to 19 June Shakespeare comes to the magical Squerryes Court, one of Kent’s leading private stately homes and we have 2 tickets to give away for a performance.

The performance, directed by award-winning Actor Ian Hughes, will be delivered on a specially built all-seated area at the front of the estate where you can enjoy locally produced food and Squerryes’ award winning bubbly. squaerryes

To win, simply tweet & follow @Squerryes telling me why you should win with the hashtag #squerryes.  The draw will take place on 31 May. Good luck everyone!

You can purchase tickets for the event here and read all about Squerryes triple award winning 2010 vintage here.

Twitter @Squerryes

Facebook: Squerryes


end of #cycletwo on the #90daysssplan

Well! here I am, I have made it through 8 weeks of the #90daysssplan and tomorrow morning I hand in my measurements and statistics.   Since starting I have lost 2.5 kilos from the start of cycle 1 and absolutely nothing on cycle 2.  Considering I have eaten pasta, rice and bread for every single meal no weight gain is pretty good going.  The Body Coach has insisted we must stay away from “the sad step” and I get it,  I really do. He introduced weights in this cycle and “apparently” muscle weighs more than fat so even though it kills me not to have dropped any weight on the scales, I know I feel leaner so hey ho.

This cycle has been harder than cycle 1 and I am sure people will love it at first, I kind of did but OMG the amount of food is epic. I will be honest, if I ate every single thing, every single day, it was the exception.  I really just couldn’t eat it all.  One trick I learnt though in the last 2 weeks was to make roasted pepper and tomato soup in batches a few times a week and drink that with most meals.  Some days for breakfast I just had a sausage sandwich without all the other crap and some days I had fish, brown rice, yoghurt, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. An epic breakfast by anyone’s standards!

Exercise wise, the cycle involves HIIT training followed by weights on a different part of the body each training day, followed by another round of HIIT and more weights. It took me around 45 minutes and this part, I believe, is tailored to each client.  I am part of a large Instagram community and through sharing information and commenting on each others posts, you learn that even through people are on the same cycle, our plans aren’t identical. I have found Instagram really great for motivation and inspiration.

Now for the important part! Half way through the month I got on the scales and weighed heavier than when I started – I sent copious emails moaning to my trainer Joe, I guess I just wanted Joe to say “it’s not working, stop eating carbs” lol but he didn’t, he explained about water and carbs and weighing heavier, feeling bloated etc so I kept going and made my workouts even harder. I am not a quitter and refused to give up and I made it to the end of this cycle YAHOOO

The problem now though is I leave for Australia for a month in 2 weeks so I am only going to be able to do half of #cyclethree but I will do it, and I will push myself even harder.

If you are thinking of signing up, just do it. I spent ages at the gym and running or doing any type of exercise really.  I have never have been one to eat shit food and whilst I am in no way fat, I am certainly not the way I was 5 years ago. This will not end for me when I finish the plan.  I feel amazing and stronger and happier and just healthier. I hardly drink any more and its helped keep my mind sharp to make some great (scary) career choices.  These 2 months have educated me as to what to eat and when and to eat way more than what I used to.  Before I used to have a breakfast bar and a coffee for breakfast, now, I am eating a 3 course meal.

Please do feel free to ask me any questions you have and until I get started on cycle 3, I am actually going to keep going on cycle 2, no breaks for me!!

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My 3 Es of Event Perception

Event Consult:

Enjoyable is what it is all about. Great post!

Originally posted on Eventfully Hatty:

During my studies, I’ve noticed that a lot of academics like alliteration – from Kotler’s 5 Ps of marketing to Gordon’s 11 Cs of customer relationships, many researchers have jumped on the bandwagon to assert their opinions. As a soon-to-be events graduate, it occurred to me that my fellow students and I are the future of academic literature, so why not give it a go now?!

My 3 Es of Event Participation (2)

Effective It’s crucial that your event meets the aims and objectives set for it before you started to organise it – and if you didn’t set aims and objectives then you’re setting yourself up for an ineffective event before you even begin! Whether you hope to spread a message, teach a lesson, raise some money or just give someone a great time, it’s important to know what you wish to achieve. When I’m planning an event, I usually work to multiple sets of aims and objectives…

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Event Theming – Part 1

Coming up with a concept for an event with that all important wow factor is hard! It’s either been done to death or is boredom city.  Working in corporate events means that whilst the bulk of events is seminars and conferences, once in a while you need to pitch that event idea that will not only motivate those you’re working for, but motivate and inspire YOURSELF. You need to be excited about what you are doing and to do that, you need to think out of the box.Beautiful spring table setting on bright background Candy barGarden party

When you start looking at your event theme, you need to think about how you will apply that theme to all the different components involved in planning your event.  To do it properly, your theme should be reflected in everything from the invitation to the food, the drinks and everything in between.

When you first receive the brief, look at the people whom are putting on the event.  Look at what the event is for. If it is a launch party for the new office in France then please don’t do a French themed event! I would personally research what great things happened on the event date throughout time and use THAT as your theme.  (You get my drift, think OUTSIDE the box).

Event theming is my favourite part of my career and if you are reading this I bet you have a keen interest too.  I am going to write this in 2 parts.  So first, we need to look at all the components that make up your event and from there, look at how you can tie in your theme.

Below are some of my suggestions to help theme your event end-to-end.MB_355

The Components


  • The invitation or the save the date – this is THE most important part of the whole event’s process. You need to set the scene for your theme here (you don’t have the give the whole thing away) and it needs to capture your reader attention and get them excited – you want them to say yes!
  • The venue – if you can’t tie your venue into your theme directly, you will find some small aspect that you can.  You just need to do your research..
  • The social media strategy – make sure your content involves your theme
  • Arranging the event helper or staff – you don’t need to go OTT but make sure you event helpers or staff project an angle of your theme.  I once did a circus theme where we had the wait-staff just wear huge clown ties.  They looked so smart and just had this one quirky addition that stood out!

The Event

  • The arrival – red carpet, green carpet, huge umpire chair for a tennis themed event. Make sure your theme runs from the moment they arrive
  • The music – obvious! you’re not going to play 1990’s music at a roaring 1920’s bash are you>
  • The decorations and actual theming – speak for themselves but remember sometimes less is more
  • The food – remember we are now living in the age of social media. By presenting your food in a creative and inspired way you can gain great profile for your event as your guests will share snaps of the food on social media.  Try and remember this when designing your event food.
  • The Drinks – always, always create a signature drink that ties in with your theme. Holding a seminar you can still have a themed drink, remember think out of the box. How many seminars have you been to where your offered a signature drink? It leaves a lasting impression…
  • The speeches – even just one-off the cuff remark that ties in with the theme or delivered in character?

After the event

  • The follow –up – send your guests a follow-up email or gift to remind them of your theme and what a great time they had!