Bacon burger with beef patty on red wooden table

Big Fernand

Burgers are my world (well they are when I am not on my #90DAYSSSPLAN) and on reading that Big Fernand, The French Burger Workshop had opened in Fitzrovia I was pretty excited. You can have your burger with anything from beef to veal to chicken and they also allow a “build your own” version.  Branches all over France and a few popping up in the UK – Check out the review on Square Meal!


You can check them out here.  I can’t wait to go and try one!Bacon burger with beef patty on red wooden table


my end of #cycleone on the #90daysssplan

As my week 4 comes to a close on #cyleone of the #90daysssplan I wanted to share my thoughts. If you don’t know what the hell I am talking about check out The Body Coach here and read my previous blog here or even here.  When I was researching to determine whether this plan was for me, I couldn’t find anything that persuaded me either way so, I really do hope this helps someone else make up their mind. By no means am I a pro, I am only through the first cycle but with two more months to go my thought pattern has shifted, it’s not two months to go for me, it’s hopefully another 50 years. This way of eating, exercising and nourishing myself will now become my lifestyle.

In this past month, I have seen my body change (though not really on the scales, only 3 kilo lost) but change from literally my hair to my toes.  My mind is sharper, I am more focused, I feel great, my skin is great, I am not as irritable as usual and people are generally irritating me less. I have even gone out of my way to work to give money to a random homeless person I spotted one day.  I am kinder, I am more ambitious and I am just a better version of myself.

 Meal wise, preparation is definitely key. I spend a few hours on a Sunday and a Wednesday making meals for the next few days and not only for myself but for my husband as well. I have had a few random pieces of dark chocolate here and there and on a trip to Rome I even had half a bowl of pasta and half a pizza but apart from that, I have stuck to the eating plan. The food is amazing, I have no complaints and never once have I thought I needed more or needed extra snacks.  I must admit, it is hard with my event manager role as I love the site visits, the tastings and the dinners at Michelin starred restaurants (sigh) and in cycle 2, I believe there is more free choice so I can get back into it! yah bloody hoooo


Alcohol wise I have stayed away from it mainly. I had a few glasses in Rome on our mini-break of love and a glass here and there but have mostly stayed away from mindless boozing – I don’t need it and it’s pointless. I love my life and have seen how I don’t’ need to go out and get shit faced to enjoy it! I am off out for lunch tomorrow with my girlfriends and know I don’t need to neck 16 bottles of wine, I can have a few and I am strong enough to know that a few is now enough. Who wants to be hung-over and feel like crap every weekend.. not this duck!

Exercise wise I have smashed it. I have been having THE WORST time at work lately and it has just made me take out my aggression on my HIIT training, I am focused and push myself as hard as I can.  Joe makes recommendations in the plan for a shit load of supplements. TAKE THEM. I know how hard I am training and my body rarely hurts the next day, they taste rank  but, they do work I believe.   If in doubt, hold our nose and drink that BCAA powder!

The end of #cycle1 for me brings a great month for not only me, but for Bradley.  As I have been good he has too. He is working and training super hard and looks amazing as well. Its been great for both of us. I can’t wait to see what #cycle2 brings.  If in doubt, just do it. Its £50.00 a month, it’s the same price as a bottle of Moet at a bar.  It really does change you and I only wish you feel as great as I do.

Woman dreaming of a cleaner environment

Sustainable Events Management

Am all about Sustainable Event Management lately and have just come across this great reference guide published by zero waste Scotland.  You can view the guide here.  The guide details how to plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events and if your working in corporate and not working to make sure you are delivering sustainable events then you are going to get left behind.

People who print every-single-email drive me insane, it’s not good for our environment and it’s not great practise when trying to demonstrate your delivering a sustainable event in every other way.  Simple things like using event materials post event (perhaps donating to a school) using fair trade tea and coffee at your events or even offering incentives for using public transport for your guests to get to your event can make a big impact.

I know I am going to make my events as environmentally friendly as I can, are you?Woman dreaming of a cleaner environment





Young women in the hot tub

Hot Tub #fance

I call myself “the events girl” yet I should be stripped of the title! How, howwwwwwww do I not know about Hot Tub Cinema?

The Hot Tub Cinema is probably not something I would book for a corporate event but if you can get a group of mates together then I am pretty sure you would remember it forever and have a pretty good night!

As the name suggests, Hot Tub Cinema is watching a cult classic, in hot tub, drinking and looks like a lot of fun.  I am not sure how I would feel about sharing the spa with randoms but hopefully your mates are safe enough!

The venue is on a roof top in Shoreditch.  Tickets went on sale yesterday and you can find them here.

Young women in the hot tub

Brittens most handsome diner

Weekend Motivaton

My husband came up with this quote and its quite fitting really.

“you never know how close you are, so never give up on your dreams”

Tomorrow morning we get up super early to head to Dorking where he is competing in the Nuts Challenge.  He deals with his nuts wife daily so I know he is not only going to smash it but any time it does get tough, his quote will get him through!

Brittens most handsome diner

love his face

Good luck husband!!

my #cycle1 #90daysssplan

My week one on #thebodycoach #90DAYSSSPLAN

So blah blah it’s not about the scales but as much as people say it, the more I am sticking to my guns. Yes muscle ways more that fat but I’m sorry, not that much! So, this morning, after my first week on the #90DAYSSSPLAN I was oh so happy to have lost 1.3  kilos in only one week not to mention my body looks different and more toned.

My aim is to follow this plan to a T however being an event manager with the long hours means its hard (not impossible, just hard). I attended two functions where I stuck to water and had to refuse canapés.  I also made it through a mates leaving do only drinking “fancy water” and a family dinner with the help of coffee when everyone else was drinking lovely wine. Saying no to canapés sux quite frankly but I found by eating my dinner before I went to an event then I was full and wasn’t tempted.

My one week verdict – DO IT.

I feel amazing, I have energy, I look better, I feel better and the food is so good. beef
Preparation (like life) is definitely the key and every few days I am making enough meals for 3 days for my husband and I. Bradley isn’t on my plan but he trains hard and is enjoying the food. Our favourite is the protein pancakes and I can’t get enough of the stuffed capsicums.

I thought the goal was to eat more and I am, but I have also been logging the calories to see how I am going and its actually less than I was eating before but WAY more food in terms of bulk. I am not overly hungry either.  In terms of the exercise, I did 5 HIIT workouts during the week with rest days Thursday and Sunday and I could have done more. It’s easy to get up early and get it done and as we work such long and varied hours, I think this is the best in case of a meeting over running or being at an event late.

Can’t wait for this week though… we are off to a wedding so I might have a sneaky one and then Rome the week after and as much as I am loving the programme I am not going to Italy and not having Wine!