The Penguins

Event Theming – Penguins

Last night we produced a Penguin Event!

Fortunately for us, a few weeks ago penguins became very cool with this year’s  Christmas advertising and our penguin event planned almost a year ago instantly became cool with attendance figures through the roof.

For readers of my blog you will know I love love love a themed event and last night was, if I don’t say so myself, one of our best attempts.

We started with the concept of a penguin/ski theme and setup my Pinterest board. You can see the board here. 



Here are a few pictures from the event!










10 Reasons why I love working in events

Event Consult:

love this blog


In my early days in events and trade show management, someone said to me “Once you’re on that rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off“. And they were right.

Now, some young talent might be thinking about whether their career should take them into B2B events, conferences, trade shows and stuff like that (rather than in wedding planning, accounting or even banking)

Let me give you my 10 points that make me love what I do and motivate me to get up in the morning and welcome every new day in this fascinating business!

Hope you can relate to some of those points.

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Vote for me… please?!

The Blog Awards are the only Blog Awards that provide us, bloggers, a chance of recognition for our blogs over the past year.  This year, I have been entered into two categories and if you have read and like my blog I would be ever so grateful for your vote!


The awards are a great way for us bloggers to network with each other and just generally be inspired.  Every Tuesday at 9.00 pm GMT you can join the Twitter chat which really helps with inspiration and motivation.  (find out more details here). 

If you have a minute to spare you can use the links below to vote for me!

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[Infographic] A day in the life of an event planner: During an event

Originally posted on Dubai Events Network:

Quickmobile posted a series of infographics earlier this year, providing an at-a-glance view into the #eventprofs world that anyone in the event planning biz can relate to, including bizarre client requests! Here’s the second instalment in the series: During an event.


In case you missed it, check out the first info graphic in this series, A Day in the Life of an Event Planner: Before an Event

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Pinterest for Event Managers



I have written about Pinterest a few times and it continues to be a firm favorite when planning an event. You can read my post here.  I use Pinterest for everything from planning a bespoke baby shower to using it for inspiration for a team away day.  Event planners are also starting to see the benefits of using Pinterest to promote their event both pre and post event. I sometimes liken Pinterest to LinkedIn in the sense that your boards (like your contacts in LinkedIn) remain yours for life and if you ever change your job, your work goes with you!

The below Infographic from Karen Leland shows just how you can use Pinterest for your small business and as an Event Manager, there are some great tips!








11 tips for presentation Q&A sessions

Originally posted on Dubai Events Network:

Image source: Shutterstock

Image source: Shutterstock

Most audiences like to be an active part of a presentation and contribute through their questions, which can result in a mutually beneficial interchange of ideas, information, opinions, plans, and concerns. The following rules help create an environment where participants can feel safe asking questions:

  • For large audiences, consider having standing microphones in the aisles for participants wanting to ask questions or make comments to the presenter(s).
  • Help presenters plan for anticipated questions, especially if they are addressing a controversial topic.
  • Pass out 3 x 5 cards for the Q & A session. Some people prefer writing a question rather than approaching the microphone. It also allows the question to be anonymous.
  • Arrange for questions to be submitted prior to the session to avoid the possibility of no one asking a question.
  • Instruct presenters to listen to the entire question before responding. If they begin to formulate…

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